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Fort Crook Chapter Meeting – September, 2013
04/17/2013 – NRD Headquarters – Chalco Hills Recreation Area

Fort Crook Chapter Meeting – April, 2013
04/17/2013 – NRD Headquarters – Chalco Hills Recreation Area


Meeting Adjourned at 2045




Fort Crook Chapter Meeting – March, 2013
03/20/2013 – NRD Headquarters – Chalco Hills Recreation Area


1845 President Don Joy called the meeting to order

Don opened with welcome of visitors recognizing Gavin Kubat

Open discussion of the in-progress models

New Old Business

Don passed out notes from the recent business meetings with corrections followed by a brief discussion on chapter incorporation.  Final update will be on the agenda for the April general meeting

Don reviewed the timeline for the meetings with the membership.

Club T-Shirts

Club t-shirt order forms will be available at the April Meeting and on-line on the Fort Crook Web site.

Club Survey

A member survey was distributed and 30 were returned.  The results of the survey will be discussed at the Business meeting and shown to club members at the April meeting.


Monthly Kit Raffle

After the break the monthly raffle was held with the following lucky winners…

1/35th Scale MRAP                                         Kevin Carroll

1/48th Scale Spitfire Mk.XII                              Brian Smith    

1/16th Scale Petty Plymouth Stock Car           Tom Burns

1/144th Gato Submarine                                 Josh Scarborough

1/72nd Fighter Collection                                 Don Joy


The work in progress raffle prize was won by John Lanning


AIRFIX Contest sponsored by Winston Gould

1st Place 1/48th Scale Spitfire Mk.XII by Randy Fields

2nd Place 1/48th Scale British Jackal by Steve Finley

3rd Place 1/48th Scale Panavia Tornado by Mike German


Winston thanked members of the club and announced he will be leaving in late April for Quantico, Virginia to teach Marines his Air Force specialty.  Winston will be missed.



The evening programs started with a seminar on building “The General” a Western Atlantic Railroad #3 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive by Paul Haug.  Paul discussed the building of his incredibly detailed model consisting of over a 1,000 pieces.  Great Job!!!

Following Paul’s presentation Jay Chladek gave an informative presentation on the evolution of the Supermarine Spitfire from Mk.I through Mk.IX.


Meeting Adjourned at 2045



Fort Crook Chapter Meeting – February, 2013
02/20/2013 – NRD Headquarters – Chalco Hills Recreation Area

Regular Meeting

Called to order by president Joy at 1845

President’s Comments:

New attendee Steve Sorenson WWII armor
15146 “D” Plaza Lot 42
(402) 250-4062

Old Business:
Business meeting cancelled for 02/21. Rescheduled for 02/28.
Bryan still collecting dues.
Get name tag requests to Randy, IPMS number, member since date.
Jay covered raffle items.
$64.00 so far tonight

New Business
Incorporation voted down at business meeting
“How-to” links now on the web site.
Kevin has entire room for modelers at OSFest. KAG (Klingon Assault Group) at OSFest. Ugliest Enterprise contest. Display space for club. Regular contest.

Upcoming contests:
March – Airfix - Winston 1st subscription
May -Modern Marvels – Steve Finley Anything currently in use by any country
July – TV - Don – Anything seen on TV including movie reruns



Jay Chladek and Brian Smith on lighting your models.

Adjourned at 2035



Fort Crook Chapter Meeting – January, 2013
01/16/2013 – NRD Headquarters – Chalco Hills Recreation Area

Called to order by president Joy at 1845

President’s Comments:
Will forward two or more emails/notes to members per month on agendas and minutes
Work-in-progress can either be at the member’s seat or at front – members acknowledge and visit at break.

New attendee Josh Scarborough

Old Business:
Incorporation at the business meeting next week. Dave Wilson Lawyer will be at the meeting to discuss the pros and cons of the chapter incorporating.

New Business
Dues idea – Use dues (2013) money to supplement the raffle.  Hold over until next meeting. Float the idea of, if a modeler buys a model, then would be reimbursed. Jay is compiling a list of current kits. Poll of preferred kits. Possibly discuss at the business meeting.
Recognized Carl as Member of the Year
Model of the year. Duxbury Bay by Carl Musselman

Upcoming contests:
Feb – Strange tastes in modeling - Carl
March – Airfix - Winston 1st place will receive a subscription to Airfix Magazine
May -Modern Marvels – Sponsored by Steve Finley Anything currently in use by any country
July – TV - Don – Anything seen on TV including movie reruns



Don Joy on collections

Adjourned at 2035


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Fort Crook Chapter Meeting – June, 2012
06/20/2012 – NRD Headquarters – Chalco Hills Recreation Area

Meeting called to order by President Mike Whye at 1845

Old Business: Website will be presented at business meeting on 28 JUN 2012. Go live as early as 01 JUL. Everyone is invited to attend at the Papillion Public Library at 1900.
New Business: The annual club picnic will be held at Scott’s house at 1830 on 20 JULY. (details listed on the members page) The club voted to pay for a night’s boarding for the Hackney Hounds as Aubie is getting elderly (come to think of it, so is Auburn) and we don’t want to stress him out. Of course Scott is also getting there, and he may want to spend a stress relief night with Aubie. In order to lighten the load on Scott (and Randy), pulled pork will be ordered (tentatively from “We’ll Smoke U” in Gretna) and everyone should bring a side dish. The club will provide drinks.
Don Joy mentioned that the small ceramic magnets are available at the Dragons Lair Comics located at 5322 South 153rd Street (near 153rd and Q in Bag ‘N Save lot).
Mike German has been doing a great job taking pictures at the meetings and was recognized by President Mike Whye.
Proposed Constitution:
The proposed constitution was presented. Bill Whipple noted some minor changes that were included since the mailing to members, i.e. web-site name corrected (Article 5, Section 1c); additional verbiage related to nomination, and election, of a party to honorary or life membership (Article 3, Section 1b and 1c). Motion by Randy Fields, second by Mike German to accept the constitution as presented. Approved by acclamation, no dissenting votes. Name will be “Fort Crook Chapter, IPMS/USA”. Randy Fields will follow up with an attorney on incorporation as a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).
Work in Progress: Several projects on board The drawing winner was Don Johnston.
Display Models: Several models on display. Tom Long brought several SciFi models he acquired Wonderfest.
June Meeting Gallery
Raffle: Three great kits.
Presentation: Scott Walsh gave an excellent presentation on buying and selling on the Internet. Highlights included: get Priority Mail Boxes for Free from USPS; overseas under 4 lbs. go 1st class – make your own box; 4lbs or 36” (l x w x h) must go priority mail; be careful of any overseas destination; especially Italy and Russia; need to use customs label for overseas – two forms that break on 4 lbs.; use EBay overseas.
Meeting adjourned at 2100.
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Fort Crook Chapter Meeting – July, 2012
07/18/2012 – NRD Headquarters – Chalco Hills Recreation Area


Meeting Called to order by VP Ringlein at 1840

Old Business:

Picnic: A reminder of the annual club picnic was annouced and everyone was encouraged to RSVP with Bill Whipple.  Also attendees wrere encouraged to bring side dishes or a dessert.

OmaCon:  Scott Hackney annouced that the Regional was awarded to Mad City in Madison, WI for 19 MAR 2013. A lengthy discussion on contest dates and spring vs. fall contest in 2013.

A spring contest could be held on April 4th or May 18th; the former was not an option because it is one week prior to the Des Moines contest and the latter which could be adversely affected by graduations and Wonderfest.

A motion by Don Joy to skip the contest for2013 was put forth and seconded. The motion was carried by acclamation.

OmaCon 2014 – Date would be 29 MAR 2014, and it would be a straight OmaCon, no regional with a location to be determined.  The Mid America center in Council Bluffs is no longer available since their fee was increased to $2,800 for the day.  The Embassy Suites location is available and other locations will be researched to see if we can lower our facility rental costs.

New Business:

OSFest: Kevin Carroll andd Tom Long reviewed the club's participation in OSFest.  The contest was discussed and two categories were established "vehicle and feet”.

Awards for adults and juveniles (1st, 2nd, 3rd – twelve total; Don Joy to produce and deliver).

Convention dates on July 27-29 at the Ramada Inn, 72nd and Grover.

Admission will be through “Klingon” security. Saturday there will be a Make-N-Take and it was annouced that Saturday evening Kevin and Julie will become husband and wife during a Klingon ceremony held at the Ramada during the convention.

Show and Tell: Several good examples of in-progress models especially Steve Ringlein's 1/35th scale locomotive.

Fort Crook Web Site:

Randy Fields gave a presentation on the new Fort Crook website; explaining the different sections, security for club member log-in and ways for submitting information.

The URL is - It can also can be accessed using .org or .info.

July Contest:

the July Club Contest sponsored by Kevin Carroll was very well supported with two tables of well-built and creative models.

1st –the Psycho House from the movie "Psycho"  - Steve Finley

2nd – USS Sampson from the movie "Battleship" – Carl Musselman

3rd – Cowboy Be-Bop – "Knockin on Heaven’s Door" – Chris Knutsen



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Fort Crook Chapter Meeting – August, 2012
08/15/2012 – NRD Headquarters – Chalco Hills Recreation Area


Regular Meeting – August 2012 – 15 AUG 2012

President’s Meeting Notes by Mike Whye

Hey, the last club meeting was great!   About 30 folks were there.  More display models were on the tables than works-in-progress but that's fine please keep bringing them!   

Scott Hackney filled us in on what's coming up for future Nationals, primarily that Hampton Roads, Virginia will host the gathering in 2014.  He pointed out that some vendors were upset with the show in Orlando because the presence of Disney took away lots of $$$ from potential buyers plus there were issues about workers being required to transfer goods between the loading docks and the display floors, cutting into the vendors' profits.  I'd be upset too. 

Hey, the plaque announcing our chapter as the Region 5 Chapter of the Year for 2011 arrived! It is posted on the home page of our website.  Now, does anyone have an idea where we should keep it or display it?   

Marv Howell gave a good talk about the early years of IPMS, how it formed and then its executive board floated around over the years, ending up for a time in Lincoln.   He also talked about how the Ft. Crook chapter formed out of two chapters, including one called the Curtis E. LeMay Chapter.  

Fred Hall, past president of IPMS and from Lincoln, accompanied Marv and added some good points for us to know.  

From what we heard from these gents, IPMS has come a long way o

ver the years when it was just a handful of modelers.  

Neil Bable was to then go on deck for his talk about 1/144 airliners (and the ones he had on the table looked NICE) but time was tight.  So he's agreed to be our November speaker. 

Therefore, Don Joy stepped up to the plate and talked about how to log into the new website's forum page and post pictures.  Some technical difficulties were encountered and Don said he'd email us the instructions.   

So what does the future hold in store for Fort Crook members?

AUGUST 23rd: Our business meeting opens at 7 p.m. at the Sump Public Library in beautiful downtown Papillion.  That's this coming Thursday evening.   If you want to help guide our club in what's going on, please show up and speak your mind.  

SEPTEMBER 1st: We've been invited by the Great Plains Wing of the Commemorative Air Force to be on hand during its annual air show/fly-in breakfast at the Council Bluffs Airport that day, from 8 a.m. until noon.   They'd like to have us set up some tables to display our wares inside a hangar.   Because it is a fly-in breakfast, breakfast will obviously be on hand.   For those who haven't been to a fly-in breakfast called that because pilots from all around like to fly to an airfield for these things plus people who like to see the aircraft.  It's usually pretty simple, pancakes, syrup, sausages and OJ, tea or coffee for a low fee.   The head of the Great Plains Wing, Jeff Hutchinson, said the P-51 Gunfighter will be on hand plus a T-6 Texan.   Some other warbirds should be there; a P-51 is at Lincoln and another at Atlantic, both short hops away.  Expect some light civilian aircraft to be there too. 

So head east on I-80 to Exit 8 on the east side of Council Bluffs and go east on U.S. 6 from the exit until you see the signs at Eastern Hills Dr. (on the south side of US 6 about a mile east of the I-80 exit) turn right and head a bit more than a mile south.  You'll see the airport and the first hangar is the CAF's home.  

Because the CAF is out of tables, we're bringing our own.  Kevin Carroll said he has some and Bill Whipple has agreed to pick those up and bring them to the airport.  If you have fold-up chairs, it might be wise to bring them.

Bring some models, wear your shirts and nametags, make some friends and maybe invite someone to our meetings!   I hope to see you there.  Let's show the flag!!! 

SEPTEMBER 19:  Our next club meeting. Carl Musselman is our entertainer that evening with the wonderful images he shot at the recent Nationals in Orlando!!!!!   

SEPTEMBER 22.   Of course no one says they want to go to know, the big federal penitentiary, but Prison City Modelers IPMS club is hosting its annual contest this day at The Heritage Center in downtown Leavenworth.   It starts at 9 a.m. with judging starts at noon and the prizes are awarded at 3 p.m.  It's about a 3-hour drive from the Council Bluffs-Omaha metro area.  Steve Ringlein's already going with a car full of guys so if other members would like to go, think about forming a caravan with Steve and traveling to KC. If you want contact Steve you can reach him at    I wish I could go but can't as I'm out of town again, this time way down in Alabama (dang).   But note that the U.S. Army post is just outside the city and if you bring picture IDs, you can get in the gates and visit the post museum.   There's a lot of neat stuff to see there.  

For future reference:  September 29th is Nordic-Con in Plymouth, Minnesota...near the Twin Cities; and on November 3rd, KC-Con is held in Kansas City.

August Meeting Re-cap

President Whye called the Meeting to order at 1840

2012 National Convention
Accolades to Carl Musselman for posting convention pictures on the Internet
Karl’s Duxbury Bay 2nd in ship diorama. Karl won one other award
Steve Lau won an award for a 1/700 submarine
Carl will do a convention report at the September meeting.
Scott offered some comments on the convention in general, i.e. union problems, tables to small, etc.
Colorado’s website will be up and running in mid-September.
2014 Convention was awarded to the Hampton Roads Virginia chapter

Rick Lorenz from O’Neill
Fred Hall from Lincoln

Thanks to the members who supported OSFest

Mike talked to Jeff Hutchinson (commander of CAF Wing at CB). Would like Ft. Crook to set up tables at the show (fly-in) on September 1st from 0800 to 1200. Bill Whipple has three and transportation. Other table “owners” should notify Bill or Mike on availability See notes above.

Old Business:

Show and Tell: Several good examples of in-progress models

Contest – None Scheduled
September is “Multi-Engine”, sponsored by Brian Smith.  The contest theme is Multiple Engines so if what you're modeling has more than one engine (twin intakes with one engine such as an F-104 don't count!) it's in the running.  The Titanic with all those big brass props, a P-38, a PT-boat, a twin-engine Huey, a B-52 or a twin-engine dragster qualifies for the contest.  Support Brian’s contest and bring them in.

Web Site:
Don and Randy discussed how to access and add pictures to the forum. Don will be sending out detailed instructions on how to post to the forum.

Marv Howell – A Personal View of IPMS History:
Excellent presentation, with comments by Fred Hall, on the early days of IPMS/USA from its birth (split from IPMS/UK) up to a few years ago.

Meeting Adjourned 2045


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Fort Crook Chapter Meeting – September, 2012
09/19/2012 – NRD Headquarters – Chalco Hills Recreation Area


Called to order by President Whye at 1840

Regular Meeting – September, 2012 – 19 SEP 2012

Called to order by President Whye at 1840


Gary Knaus and son, Michael – Modeling interest is

Wendell Victor (Lincoln)- Modeling interest is aircraft


Don Joy sporting the latest look in eyewear Canopy Blue Sunglasses presented to Don
by Carl Musselman at the Prison City Modeler's Contest held in  Leavenworth KS.


President’s Notes

Thanks to the members who attended the CAF Fly-in at the Council Bluffs airport

Announcement of the proposed amendments to the constitution. Vote in October.

October meeting event: “Clean out the Closet” annual kit auction. Up to five lots (as many kits as desired in a lot). Bids will start at .50 raises up to $10.00 then $1.00 raises until sold.

Reminder of the Leavenworth, Kansas Prison City Modelers annual contest held on November 3rd.

Other Announcements:

Kevin Carroll– Thanks for the club picnic; had a great time. Currently going through 12 boxes of a model “donation”. Thanks to Don for his assistance at OSFest.

Kevin Stone – George Lucas American Graffiti movie event Nov 02 at the Joslyn Art Museum. Members are encouraged to bring plastic or die cast models. Let Kevin know if you are planning to attend to receive free admission.

Paul Haug presented a Free pass to the SAC Museum – John Lanning accepted.

Show and Tell: Several good examples of in-progress models

Contest – Multi-Engine Contest sponsored by Brian Smith

Contest was judged by Popular vote
1st Place – F-14 Tomcat by Steve Ringlein
2nd Place – PV-1 Ventura by Randy Fields
3rd Place – STAP droid (Single Trooper Aerial Platform) by Paul Haug

Web Site:

Don covered how to get photos on the website. Put pictures on Photobucket ( / Facebook ( / etc. 525 pixels or less for width. May be treated as spam if load get too big; if so, reduce number of photos until accepted. Shoot questions to Don (

Modeling Presentations:

Randy Fields – Quick cockpits (Out of the Box)
Steve Ringlein – Measuring with Calipers
Jay Chladek – Masking

Meeting Adjourned 2055


Fort Crook Chapter Meeting – October, 2012
10/17/2012 – NRD Headquarters – Chalco Hills Recreation Area

Meeting called to order by President Whye at 1840

President’s Notes:
Discussion on Constitution and amendments. Randy Fields presented the new Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws which are designed to replace the Constitution and By-Laws presently in place. The new documents will bring the club in-line with existing Nebraska and Federal laws regarding corporations. Bill Whipple will perform a cursory review and suggest desired modifications. A copy will be emailed to all members for review and any other suggested modifications.

Nominations for officers:

   Don Joy
   Jay Chladek
   Bill Whipple
   Brian Smith
   Winston Gould

Member of the Year (The member of the year award is presented to a chapter member who has contributed the most time and effort to enhance the overall experience for the chapter and its members)  This years nominees are: 
   Bill Whipple
   Mike Whye
   Scott Hackney
   Carl Musselman

Nominations closed.
Election will take place at the November regular meeting.

Other Updates:

  • Kevin Carroll– Mentioned there will be a party for kids on Sunday,27 October at the SAC Museum from 0900 to1500.
  • There will be a model contest assisted with the SciFi contest in St. Louis
  • Kevin Stone – Mentioned the George Lucas American Graffiti movie event on November 02 with an 1800 set-up and 1900 start. Will be at the Joslyn Art Museum. Members are encouraged to bring plastic or die cast models. Let Kevin know if you are planning to attend to receive free admission.
  • KC Con Nov 03rd – Model run to Sprue Brothers – notify Scott if interested in the visit to Sprue Brothers.


The Great 2012 Kit Auction
A very exciting auction took place with auctioneers Mike Whye, Brian Smith and Randy Fields handling the bidding process. Many great kits, magazines and decals were put on the auction block and sold. Don joy stated the auction resulted in 92 transactions.

The meeting was adjourned at 2055